Ag Pavilion

Ag Pavilion

Building Details

Address: 430 N. 15th
Auditorium Square Footage: 14,160 – Seated Capacity: 900
Dining Room Square Footage: 690 – Seated Capacity: 46
Tables & Chairs: 67 – 8′ and 40 – 6″ rectangular tables, 24 – 5′ round tables and 588 folding  chairs

Ag Pavilion is a 1¼ story 22,000 square foot open span building located at the front of the Seward County Fairgrounds.

The building is heated and air-conditioned with separate controls for each side of the main floor, which seats up to 900 people with dividing curtains for smaller groups.

The dining area can hold 46 people and can be cut off from the main floor by three large overhead doors. Small groups often use the dining area for meetings, family gatherings, graduation parties, etc.

The Ag Pavilion kitchen has one large three door refrigerator, two under the counter refrigerators and a small freezer. There are two convection ovens and a warmer. The stove is a eight burner gas stove with twp standard ovens. A large ice machine keeps plenty of ice for any event. There is a standard kitchen sink and a three bay stainless steel sink on the east wall. Coffee makers (99 cup) are provided for your convenience.

The Ag Pavilion has 13 exits on the main floor and an overhead door large enough to drive a full-size combine or bus into the facility with room to spare.

There are large bathrooms on the first floor with nine stalls in the ladies and three stalls and 4 urinals in the men’s. The bathrooms upstairs are small but they serve the upstairs well.

There is a paved and well-lit parking lot to the west and north of the building with more gravel parking to the north of the pavement.

The attached Building Rental Rules & Regulations will be enforced on all rental events.

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Make sure to read all of our Building Rental Rules & Regulations as they will be enforced on all rental events.



Ag Pavilion (main floor):
Monday – Thursday: $500
Friday, Saturday or Sunday: $1,200

Kitchen/Dining Area Only:
    All days: $150/day

Additional Days: $150

If renting for additional days, the highest rented day price will be used.