Round Barn

  Round Barn (1914 – 1960)

In the early years of the Seward County Fairgrounds, we were fortunate to onw a round barn. Built in 1914, the barn served as a livestock exhibition center. Cattle were on both floors with access provided by the circular staircase/ramp.

When the fairgrounds built livestock buildings on the northeast end in the 1940’s, use of the Round Barn changed. The upper level was used for exhibition of Seward County school artwork during the annual county fair. The lower level was used for flowers, horticulture and commercial displays.

In the summer months, the building served as a dormitory for the Seward 4-H Camp, which served southeast Nebraska. Fortunately, the 4-H children were all gone when the Round Barn burned down in July, 1960, just days prior to the Seward County Fair. No one was injured in the fire.

The Round Barn was replaced with an aluminum corrugated tin shed that was demolished to make way for Harvest Hall in the summer of 2009.


A replica of the Round Barn is on display in the upstairs of the Seward County Ag Pavilion. Those who contributed to its construction were: Don & Dorothy Nelson, Jane Slawnyk, Sydney Huela, the Les Nelson Family, Rachel Pozehl, Deb Schlueter, Becky Reisinger and Sheila Beins.